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WRITTEN WARNING DISCIPLINE NOTICE Employee s Name Date Department SS Date of Incident Date of Hire Verbal Written Warning Suspension Working Day s Discharge Effective FromThrough Reason for warning of discipline. I hereby acknowledge receipt of a copy of this discipline form. Employee s Signature Date Supervisor Department Director or Chair cc Department Employee s Master Personnel File Employee Z Forms Written Warning Discipline Notice. Check one or more box as appropriate. Explain fully in...
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Forms/Documents/Certification Letters Forms/Documents/Certification Letters Required by the HR Department If you are currently enrolled at our University and if you are subject to the University of North Carolina General Information Privacy Policy (IPP) for all employment records and all disciplinary records for your employment, please do not submit this form. Please do not submit this form. Check one or more box to indicate that the information being requested is required on the Employment Certification Letter (ECL). The ECL shall state the nature of the infraction(s) for which a written warning is required and should contain, as applicable, the date and the name of the employee. If you have been or are currently on paid leave at North Carolina State University, we recommend you provide the date you left the University and the date on which you returned to active duty, followed by the last date you began or resumed your active duty with North Carolina State University. Please submit this form if the ECL has been completed prior to completing ECL#2 or if it states more than one infraction in a single incident. If you have been fired, the firing date shall be clearly represented on the ECL if fired under the provisions of the North Carolina Unpaid Leave Law (NC UAL) which was enacted in 2012. The form will require a complete signature. If you do not submit a signed copy, you and the State University of North Carolina are prohibited from disclosing that the information you have provided matches any information regarding your employment record maintained by other agencies. However, you may request a copy of any disciplinary action taken against you as required by law (NC UAL) by mail or other means, upon written certification to the Director, Compliance and Integrity, State University of North Car-... Forms/Documents/Certifications Required by the State School Board If you are currently enrolled at North Carolina State University and if you are subject to the State School Board System of Discipline Regulations administered by the School Administrators, please do not submit this form. Please do not submit this form. Check one or more box to indicate that the information being requested is required on the Student Suspension Information Form (SCI), the Student Suspension Report (SIR) and the Student Suspension Information/Discipline Report.
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